12 volunteers of Grand Circle Foundation USA visited Dharampani

12 volunteers of Grand Circle Foundation USA visited Dharampani for participation in 2nd earthquake anniversary with Dharampani community . volunteers spends 3days ( 23rd -26th April 2017) with community helping them in painting house , wall and floor mud plastering of new built house ; More over constructed Safe Goat shelter of a single lady who had no helping hand to make goat shelter for long time.

Village Restoration Project, Dharampani

Good news that construction of 18 earthquake proof HH is complete thus Painting ( Green color) work is going on. 3 Toilets and 2 rooms community bathroom construction work is near to complete. YFN expecting Guests in Dharamapni on April 25th and great to share that they all are participating in 2nd earthquake Anniversary .

Village Restoration Project, Dharampani

In the First Phase of the Reconstruction Project, so far total 12 houses completed with 13 families are beneficiaries, remaining wood works including fixing window/doors covers and “Baranda”.

Under Village Restoration Project

Till 1st October of 2016, about 90% reconstruction task of 13 new reconstructed houses was completed in project site Dharampani village of Tanahu district. Remaining 10% including mainly wood work such as fixing doors, windows, Barandas will be carried out after Dashain and Tihar Festival.


Village Restoration Project, Dharampani, Tanahu District

With financial support of Grand Circle Foundation and in collaboration with Dharampani community, Yeti Foundation Nepal has been implementing Village Restoration Project by providing cements, Iron rod, Zn sheet, skill human resources and regular technical support in order to rebuild completely damaged houses by massive earthquake.

New school hand over Event Gumdel

In an Auspicious Event Mrs Chanda Sherpa chairlady Yeti Foundation Nepal officially Handed over new constructed Mt Numbur Holy Vision primary school building to School Management Committee .
Thulo Sirubari

Thulo Sirubari, Topka Gaun, Sindhupalchok

Being one of the hardest hit districts, further relief materials were sent to various other villages of Sindhupalchok. Relief materials were sent to Thulo Sirubari supporting more than 52 people and 30 houses. Foods (Rice, Lentils, and Salt), Tripal, Soaps and dettols etc were distributed as an immediate relief. At the same time some basic food supplies were also taken to Topka Gaun of Sindhupalchok. These are the images of relief support.


Supports to Schools and Students, Bhotang VDC, Sindhupalchowk

29 Feb -1st March, Yeti Foundation Nepal Team visited to Bhotang VDC Sindhupalchowk to hand over teaching learning materials as well students support to 3 schools of Bhotang Science lab equipments and 2 Computer set provided to Sree Bhotang Devi secondary school - students and science teacher is happy to have science lab so now they can have practical as per curriculum. students of Sree Chhimti primary school and Sree Sath Kanaya primary school are proud to have new pair of shoe and socks to walk comfortably from home to school with warm woolen cap. Yeti Foundation Nepal hope that shoe rack will be helpful to manage the mess up of shoes in the class.ECD childrens will feel great to have blanket when they do rest after day meal in ECD centre. Total 641 students of 3 schools benifited from teaching learning materails /students support and we hope this support will help to continue the quality education.


On site school visit, Bhotang VDC Sindhupalchowk

On 28th Jan 2016, Yeti Foundation Nepal team had on site school visit in Sree Bhotang Devi Secondary school, Sree Bhotang Priamry school, Sath Kanya primary school of Bhotang VDC Sindhupalchowk. Interaction meeting with teachers/school management committee thus explored actual need of students and school. Finalized support to school Eg: science lab equipment, computer, warm trouser/jacket, shoe and sock, woolen cap, Blnaket and shoe rack. Coordination with schools for distribution.


Mt Numbur Holy vision primary school, Gumdel Ramechhap

Yeti Foundation Nepal Team (Chairlady and mambers) visited to Mt Numbur Holy Vision primary school Techhim village, Gumdel VDC of Ramechhap district for the observation of school damaged by earthquake as well particiapted in the interaction meeting /discussion with school management committee and community stakeholders on reconstruction of school . It was great to see women empowerment in village through 50% female stakeholders who actively participated in the meeting . Yeti Foundation Nepal and school managemnt committee /community agreed in finacial support by YFN in reconstruction of school with 35% community contribution.School construction committee formed and moved steps for further process.

Health camp one

One day General Health Camp, Tasarpu VDC, Dhading

Yeti Foundation Nepal supported Khurkilo Nepal a local NGO for One day General Health Camp (by Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical) at earthquake affected area of Tasarpu vdc ward # 9 of Dhading District. General health camp provided service to 3 vdc- Tasarpu, Tharke of Dhading district and Tistung vdc of Makawanpur district. Total 1195 (680 male, 515 female) community people benifited from health services. 505 cases with eye problem identified among them 23 case referred to Tilganga Eye Hospital for Cataract operation planned on 2072 /05/ 14. Cataract operation will be support by hospital and Khurkilo Nepal.


Immediate Relief: Thame, Everest Region

As the devastating earthquake hit Nepal on 25.04.2015, we urgently focused on the immediate needs to support the Earthquake victim and the affected areas. In the Everest Region; All YMH doors were open and we arranged free accommodations and food for those seeking relief. Almost 130 houses were destroyed and 2 lives were lost in the upper Thame due to the earthquake. It was a crucial time to act; hence, we immediately came into action and supplied immediate relief to the earthquake victims in the Thame Region.

Dharapani mix image

Monitring visit to Dharampani

Jeff and team observed the progress of Dharampani Village Restoration Project and meeting held with community. Great progress to see that 3 house hold foundation DPC completed and other three house hold foundation is going on. Jeff had meeting with Amma Samuha and very happy to know the work and support of Amma Samuha in village restoration project. However inspite of current situation ( shortage of fuel /blocakde ) community people are so much motivated to complete the construction on time but due to transportation crisis market price of construction materials suddenly gone up as well not available in the market.


Dharamapani Village Restoration Program, Bandipur, Tanahun

On 21st July 2015, Cement, Iron rod, CGI sheet and technical support were provided to Dharampani Village as post earthquake reconstruction support. These support helped in restoration of 21 completely damaged houses and renovation of 35 houses, a total of 56 houses and 300 members.


School Bag Distribution, Gorkha

On 28th June 2015 School kit (school bag, copy 6, pencil 2, eraser 2, sharpner 2, Color pencil - Crayon 1, story books 2) and Disposable Mask 400 pcs were distributed to 120 students(1-5 grade) of Sree Ramchandra primary school, Baguwa Rito pani, Sree Bal kalyan primary school Masel 8, Sree Thalibari lower secondry Padrung, Sree Chamunda primary school, Gorkha.

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