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Yeti foundation Nepal is lead by women with professional women team involving in management and program of the organization.


Yeti foundation Nepal is lead by women with professional women team involving in management and program of the organization.

Yeti Foundation Nepal (YFN) is a non-profit social welfare organization established in 2011 (2068 B.S) with the objectives to provide safe shelter, quality education, best health and self employment opportunity to underprivileged children women and senior citizens and provide friendly environment for the harmonious development (physical, mental, social, recreational, ethical and spiritual) of individuals to live confidently and lead a respectful life.

Yeti Foundation Nepal even though established in 2011 was working with only program development part however organization started functioning actively with rescue work and relief support for earthquake victims in earthquake affected districts.

Yeti Foundation Nepal is working for marginalized underprivileged community specifically with children women and senior citizen respectively.



Safe Shelter, Quality Education, Good Health and Harmonious development improves the Self confidence, self respect and Quality of life .

  • Provide safe shelter with homely environment to underprivileged children and to senior citizens.
  • Ensure availability of quality education and promote harmonious development of underprivileged children.
  • Provide vocational education and skill trainings to underprivileged children and to senior citizens for self –sufficient and self employment.
  • Promote Income generation opportunity to underprivileged women and in senior citizens to improve the quality life.
  • Relief support during natural disaster.
  • Support and facilitate Research work within organization to update new knowledge and skill as well help in the publication of regular organizational magazine.


Rescue & Relief

Support in Natural disaster (Earthquake, Land slide and Flood).

Well being of Children

  • Harmonious development of children
  • Child Friendly Safe shelter ( children home)
  • Promote child friendly school environment for Quality education.
  • Education sponsorship
  • Good Health, safe and security.

Women empowerment

  • Literacy in women.
  • Promote Financial Independency (Income generation).
  • Strengthen Decision making power – Women group.


  • Community Development

    Community Development through Women empowerment
    (formation & mobilization of women community organization CO's).

  • Senior Citizens Care

    Senior Citizens home in same premises of children home.

  • Quality Education

    Child friendly quality education.

  • Agricultural Promotion

    Promote Organic Agriculture farming
    with active participation of children's and senior citizens.

  • Income Generation Programs

    Income generation program for parents of underprivileged children,
    women and senior citizens and promotion of traditional skill.


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