Supports to Schools and Students, Bhotang VDC, Sindhupalchowk

29 Feb -1st March, Yeti Foundation Nepal Team visited to Bhotang VDC Sindhupalchowk to hand over teaching learning materials as well students support to 3 schools of Bhotang Science lab equipments and 2 Computer set provided to Sree Bhotang Devi secondary school - students and science teacher is happy to have science lab so now they can have practical as per curriculum. students of Sree Chhimti primary school and Sree Sath Kanaya primary school are proud to have new pair of shoe and socks to walk comfortably from home to school with warm woolen cap. Yeti Foundation Nepal hope that shoe rack will be helpful to manage the mess up of shoes in the class.ECD childrens will feel great to have blanket when they do rest after day meal in ECD centre. Total 641 students of 3 schools benifited from teaching learning materails /students support and we hope this support will help to continue the quality education.

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