12 volunteers of Grand Circle Foundation USA visited Dharampani

12 volunteers of Grand Circle Foundation USA visited Dharampani for participation in 2nd earthquake anniversary with Dharampani community . volunteers spends 3days ( 23rd -26th April 2017) with community helping them in painting house , wall and floor mud plastering of new built house ; More over constructed Safe Goat shelter of a single lady who had no helping hand to make goat shelter for long time.

On 25th April puja done for peace of departed soul in earthquake. Grand circle foundation volunteers distributed “ Gifts like – education materials , materials for health post , clothes /toys for children ,warm jackets for women and shoes for construction committee. Volunteers had interaction with individual family ,construction committee as well with mother group respectively. Dharampani community is very happy to have guests in their village ,3 days Lunch was prepared and served by community themselves and Volunteers enjoyed local Gurung culture “ Ghatu Dance”.

Volunteers were too happy to see “ newly built 18 earth quake proof houses – these houses were completely damaged by earthquake 2015 thus financial support was provided by Grand circle foundation for Reconstruction and Renovation of the damaged houses”

Last day in community was really hard time to say “Good Bye “ to Volunteers ; Dharampani mothers group organized “Good Bye “ program in local traditional way with Gift to Individual volunteers as Token of Love and Thanks . Gift was “ Chakati “ made with Corn husk & paddy Straw by Mothers group and Wooden nepali carved peacock window gift by Yeti foundation Nepal

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