Yeti Foundation Nepal supports remote villages of Rasuwa District

Larchhyang and Yarsa are Remote villages of Rasuwa district. Black top road is access up to Kalikasthan on the way to Dhunche – Dirt rough road links Kalikasthan to Langu and from Langu it takes about 3 hrs walking in steep hill to reach Larchhyang & further 45 min to Yarsa ,as bridge is under maintenance thus very risky and diffiult to cross over flow rivers. Yeti Foundation Nepal supported 25 set Desk Bench to grade 1-5 and sitting management of pre-primary ( ECD)class with carpet ,cushion and woolen blanket along with table and chair to set up head teacher /teachers office in new constructed school block of Sree Larchhyang primary school. Mrs Chanda Sherpa Chairlady yeti Foundation Nepal distributed School KIT ( School bag , Copy ,Pencil ,Eraser ,pencil cutter) ,shoe and socks to all 80 students of Sree Larchhyang Primary School ,Larchhyang . YFN also supported set up of pre-primary class room of Sree Nav Jiwan primary school Yarsa.Total 200 students ENJOYING comfortable teaching learning environment .Yeti Foundation Nepal Believes that school MUST be safe with comfortable management in class ,which boost up students confidence to continue their education .All stduents are happy to have new school block with quality set up of class room and school kit.
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