Education Sponsorship program

Yeti Foundation Nepal is providing education support to 10 children (8 girls and 2 boys) of poor family staying in slum with single mother /relatives studying in government school and doing good in school


Sajana Dahal

Sajana Dahal is 13 years old girl studying at GRADE EIGHT in Sree Gambhir Samudra Setu Higher Secondary School, Imadol 4 Lalitpur, she lives with her Single mother Indeera Dahal-42 years and younger sister who is 11 years old in Koteshwor 35. Her mother separated from father and is the only earning member in the family. Mother is working as daily wages labor. Sajana is very helpful in nature, good in study and regular in class, as per class teacher Sajana is polite and would like to continue her education.


Sanchita Dahal

Sanchita Dahal is 11 years old sister of Sajana Dahal studying at GRADE SEVEN in same school Sree Gambhir Samudra Setu Higher Secondary School, Imadol 4 Lalitpur. She is the BEST student of her class, very good in her study as well in behavior with other students–she scored SECOND Position IN HER CLASS.Teachers Appreciates her hard work.


Rabina Raya

Rabina Raya is age 12 years (looks small to her age) old girl lives with her Single mother Rama Raya and two younger sisters (7 years and 4 years old) at ward 19 of Nayokha Kathmandu. Father left mother 4 years back immediately after delivery of third girl child. Her mother is working as a helper 6:30am to 7:30 pm in Janta Bank. Mother is only earning member. Rabina is malnourished girl doing good in study and regular in her class.


Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is 11 years old girl studying FOUR grades in Saram Rastriya High School Kumarigal ward # 7 Kathmandu. Muskan mother has left her when she was very small thus she lives with her chronic alcoholic father and 15 yrs elder brother at small rented room at Maijubahal ward # 7 Kathmandu. Her father is a carpenter earning enough money but spending all money in alcohol. Muskan is very good in study, polite and gentle in dealings. She scored SECOND Position in her class, as per teacher Muskan is excellent student of school always score FIRST however this year may be some reason she scored SECOND.


Sushmita Neupane

Sushmita Neupane is 15 years old girl studying at grade TEN in Pashupati Mitra High School Chabahil ward # 7 Kathmandu. She lives with her parents (mother 45 years old and father 75 years old deaf), one younger sister and two brothers – elder /younger in Maijubahal ward 7. Father is old and sick thus mother is working as domestic helper and only earning member in the family. She is regular in her class and would like to continue her education after high school, as she is appearing for high school board exam she needs support for “Tuition Math, English and Science subject”


Lalita Gurung

Lalita Gurung is 11 yrs old girl studying in SIX grade in Sree Saraswati Lower Secondary School, Madhyapur Thimi, Manhara Bhaktapur. Father died of Tuberculosis, lives with her mother and younger brother in Kathmandu slum Narephat. Mother is only earning member in family and working as domestic labor /cleaner. Lalita is average in study; need close observation in school however regular in class.


Saraswati Rai

Saraswati is 11 yrs old girl studying in SIX grades in Sree Saraswati Lower Secondary school, Madhaypur Thimi Manhara Bhaktapur. Father left the family when Saraswati was very small, she lives with her mother in Kathmandu slum Narephat (neighbor of Lalita Gurung). Her mother is working as daily wages labor. Saraswati is good in study as well helps her mother in house hold.


Bijay Shrestha

Bijay Shrestha is 14 yrs old boy studying at EIGHT grades in Sree Gambhir Samudra Setu Higher Secondary School Imadol 4, Lalitpur. Bijay Shrestha’s mother died when he was 7 yrs old and father left him 3 yrs back therefore now he is staying with his auntie (father’s sister) in Jaributi Koteshwar Kathmandu. For last two years Bijay was not regular in school due to he was working as domestic child labor, now he is regular in school after getting sponsorship from Yeti Foundation Nepal.


Rajan Shrestha

Rajan Shrestha is 11 yrs old boy (younger brother of Bijay Shrestha) studying at FOUR grade in New Tulips School, Koteshwar ward # 35, Kathmandu. He too staying with his elder brother Bijay Shrestha in his Aunties home. Rajan Shrestha is malnourished child –very thin, need nutritious food. Rajan is average student in school.


Anusha Dahal

Anusha is 9 yrs old girl studying in THIRD grades in Sree Sharman Lower secondary school. Maijubahal Kathmandu. Anusha is from Hanspur Lal ward # 9 Routahat district, When Anusha was 2 yrs old her mother left her father had second marriage therefore Anusha was taken care by her grand -mother, as grand -mother getting old financially poor not been able to look after Anusha thus for survival and education sent to her Aunty at Kathmandu. Anusha is polite well behaved and good in study. She wants to continue her education in any condition.

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